Hi! I'm Nicole, and welcome to my blog! 

I'm a 20-something year old business student residing in a suburb of Vancouver, BC.
I have the most amazing family, boyfriend, and furtard I could ever ask for.
I love running, getting my fitness on, and sweating
I wasn't always like this though....

Yup, that chubby girl right between Buzz and Woody was me...or I guess 
still is me, just a very different version of me.

This picture takes me back to August 2011. I thought I looked great. I was 
younger, and never realized what I was doing to my body. I loved eating 
and hated physical activity. Running? No way. Weight lifting? Not a chance. 

It wasn't until January 2012 that I looked in the mirror and realized it was 
time for a change. I started watching what I ate and working out. The pounds 
came off. It was a great feeling, to finally feel like I had accomplished 
something I never thought I could.

I didn't get into running and fitness until earlier this year. Sure, during 2012 I 
worked out. But I was never this committed. I used to see it as a chore and 
now I see it as a hobby.

I live for early morning runs and late night strength training sessions

Sure, some days I feel like I have no motivation, like I just want to stay in 
bed for an extra hour instead, but just thinking of how far i've come is enough 
to get me up and out the door.

My journey still isn't over. I'm nowhere near where i'd like to be. But I'm 
making progress, and thats enough to keep me going.

Thanks for stopping by!

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