Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh Sunshine

I feel like the last couple days have just flew by. I decided to finish off my Canada Day by spending some much needed time in the sun reading this:

I forgot how much I love reading. I never seem to have time to read during the winter months, so when summer hits and the sunshine comes, I try to squeeze in as much reading as I can. 

After my dearest boyfriend made it home from work, we decided to make the trek out to Anny's and indulge in a lot little bit of their amazing Maple Swirl Ice Cream. Seriously, If your ever in Vancouver, a trip to Anny's is a must. It's about 25 minutes away from the city, but definitely worth the trip. Their maple swirl ice cream is amazing, and according to my parents, tastes just like the ice cream they used to get growing up. I must warn you though, the ice cream at Dairy Queen will taste like water after you've tried Annys.

I haven't been able to run for the last week or so, and it's been painful. Literally. My beloved Nike Free's have been giving me knee pain for the last little while anytime I run more than 2 miles in them. I decided to take the week off and let my knee heel up, so I've just been sticking to strength training while I waited for my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16's to arrive. I went to a local running shop last week and had them match me up with something that was a better fit for my long runs. When the girl brought these out, it was love at first sight ...feel? They are seriously the most comfortable runners I have ever had on my feet. The shop didn't have my size in the colour I wanted though, so i've been patiently waiting for them to come in. When I got the call yesterday that they had finally arrived, I was there in 5 minutes flat to pick them up. 

It's been too hot to run outside, and some car troubles stopped me from being able to go to the gym and try them out today after class, but you can bet the second I get out of class tomorrow, I'll be going straight to the gym, and will hopefully be reporting back with no more knee pain after mile 2!

Till then, I'm off to go do some more studying for my math test tomorrow. Thankfully this weather is making the studying outside a little less painless.


  1. Maple swirl ice cream???? Oh my that sounds soooo good :D. AH! I have those same shoes, literally saved my joints. I had switched to New Balance for a while, and had so many problems, but the moment I went back to Mizunos, all pain was gone. Hope your run is good tomorrow!!

    1. It is seriously the best thing ever, I could live off of it!
      So many people have told me that about Mizuno's, hopefully they'll do the same for me!


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